Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Education or Science or Science Education?

Education is staying life without depend at the time. If we get some question about education, science, or science education. We have many choices about them. If we take just "education" word, appear its we think about educational thing that very large ranges about global education. If we take "science" word, we will get some idea a bout natural phenomena. If we take two word are science education that integrited in one meaning about science education that can not broke in two meaning as education and science one. But science education is one meaning that definition its depend on two word in one meaning. Science education is one from brunch of knowledge. we can not just call education only and science only, but two meaning science education. Phylosofy of science education is progressivisme that grow up from movement of science thinking from phylosof. Application scinece education in Indonesia at less in junior high school. But science education that going is terminology that grow in one definition to one definition else. So, Science education can not expant to possitive levels. writter hope, future scince eucation in junior high school can grow up in one terminology and one phylosofy of science education. Thank's for attention. Appologize if my paper not so perfect, sorry.

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