Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Individuals cannot do anything to develop society

Nowadays, individuals cannot do anything to develop society. The role of administrators and big institutions can change and advance a new development in a civilization. I entirely agree with this statement because a person only encourages himself or herself. On the other hand, governments and huge institutions have a lot of role which change many sectors of people such as politics, economics, social and art.
There are several reasons why a group of people are much better than a person in order to boom and change their society. First of all, people cannot life without other people because humans are social creature. They need help somebody when they obtain some problems. For example, they want to go up roof of their house, definitely they need a person who can take and hold the ladder. Furthermore, in politics sector, a governor is not able to struggle inanity without the role of teachers and students in his or her province especially in education atmosphere.
Secondly, people only aware to others in their civilization. Awareness is the main factor for people to advance their life and society. Today, awareness decrease sharply due to in fact that civilizes comfort and neglect role of others. Moreover, development in society that is hopped by all of socializes do not happen. For instance, the president hope that he or she plans his or her program to grow national economics, unfortunately the president is not supported by his or her citizens. Indeed, the president hard struggles the poverty in his or her country.
Finally, togetherness is the other effects to boom every society much more develop. For example in art case, the artists cannot be proud without the audiences who appreciate their acts. Role of amenity (civilization/society) is very important in developing art aspect because art is one of the vital aspects in educating people in the world. If everyone knows and realizes about art and apply the art in their amenity, she or he will change and advance their socialization to become educated people.
In conclusion, role of togetherness, socialize and awareness are extremely needed by civilization to change and boom their amenity to earn or gain a new development. In addition, individuals cannot change anything because people are not able to life in personal mindset and amenity.

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saya mahasiswa dari Universitas Islam Indonesia
Nice for article, thanks for share :)

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thanks for sharing

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Good article brother. I think person is created by God to live with other people. Beacuse person will always need other people whenever and wherever he is, existence of socialiation with other people is so important.

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